A Step Back In Time

Do you get excited when you see old establishments that have survived the test of time and allows you to get a glimpse of the past?  Try visiting an old hotel called The 1880 Union Hotel at 362 Bell St in Los Alamos California.  The hotel was built in 1880 as a Wells Fargo stagecoach stop and today continues to live on as a historic hotel Bed & Breakfast.  The hotel was built and furnished in the original Victorian style providing an ambiance of the wild west.  The building and furnishings are absolutely stunning.

So what does this have to do with wines?  The hotel has a very unique old west saloon that is a wine tasting bar.  The wines poured are from actor/producer Kurt Russell (GoGi Wine), actress Kate Hudson and Muse band member Matt Bellamy's Hudson-Bellamy label and Ampelos Cellars owned by Peter and Rebecca Work.  Peter and Rebecca Work have been instrumental in mentoring Kurt Russell with the art of wine making.  Jami Way is the Tasting Room Manager and sister of Kirk Russell. Jami is very cheerful and bubbly making sure that all of the patrons at the bar are tended to as does Gina.  

Kurt Russell's adventure into wine making started when he was on location in the Santa Rita Hills and found that he loved the Pinot Noir wines from the area.  His passion was so great that he got involved with learning and making wines.  Kurt actually took time away from acting and went to Burgundy France to learn the styles and techniques used by the French to make Burgundies.



During our visit we were greeted and tended to by Gina who asked if we would like to taste or have a glass of wine.   The tasting included wines from the group above and all were great.  However, the wine that was stunning in all respects was Kurt Russell's 2011 GoGi  "Angelbaby" Pinot Noir.  The brilliance and clarity invites you to smell and taste this fantastic Burgundian style Pinot Noir.  This wine is a class act displaying everything that is expected from a fine French Burgundy.  After tasting the wines and talking with Gina and Jami, we could not pass up enjoying a glass of "Angelbaby" in the ambiance of this old west saloon watching the sun set in the west. If you ever want to visit a piece of history and feel like you are in the wild wild west, the 1880 Union Hotel is a must.  If you don't want to worry about obtaining a designated driver just get a room, remember they are a Bed and Breakfast.