Southern California Pinot Days - November 21st, 2015

The way to learn about wines is through experience which includes knowledge and tasting. When you get into the complexity of a wine like Pinot Noir, it is mandatory.  With possabilities of over 1000 different clones, and being heavily influenced by various terroir (weather, soil, etc) and vintner artistry, Pinot Noir is very unique and offers a lot of variations.  One of the best places to sample, compare and learn about Pinot Noirs is to attend the 7th Annual Pinot Days of Southern California that will be held at the Skirball Center on Nov 21, 2015.  The wineries that will be present range from very small boutique wineries that produce only a few hundred cases to the well established wineries that produce thousands of cases.  These small wineries as with David and Goliath, always amaze me at this event as they are not afraid to step forward and showcase their products next to the well established Pinot Noir producers.  Many will surprise you with how fantastic they are.  These small producers put their heart and soul into their product. But even with this bit of internal competition, there is still a lot of camaraderie among the various vintners at this event.  And why not, the large and small wineries are all members of one big happy family that have a common passion.  To get a feel of the beauty and magnitude of this event review the pictures from the 2013 and 2014 Southern California Pinot Days. 

The diversity in flavors that can be found in Pinot Noir wines has something that will tantalize everyone's palate.  There are the big bold Pinot Noirs that that will coat your entire mouth and make converts out of the Cabernet Sauvignon drinkers to the more elegant and lighter Burgundian style that the romantics will enjoy.  Flavors can range from dark cherries, bright cherries, cranberries, strawberry, etc.  All I can say is that this is a fantastic varietal that provides an ecstasy in aromas and flavors for a multitude of palates.  One opportunity that one gets at Pinot Days is the ability to taste Pinot Noir wine from different vineyards, regions and clones allowing one to compare the various effects on this varietal.  

There will be over 100 examples poured by various vintners.  To date, here is a list of attendees at this year's event:

Ancien Wines, August West Wine, Belle Glos Wines, Benevento Wines, Bucher Vineyard Wines, Chenoweth Wines, Cru Wine Company, Davis Family Vineyards, DeLoach Vineyards, Dolin Family Cellars, Domaine Anderson, Expression Wines, Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard, Foley Family Wines, Foxen Vineyards, Furthermore Pinot Noir, Gainey Vineyards, Inman Family Wines, J Vineyards & Winery, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, Keller Estate, Ken Brown Wines, Kendric Vineyards, Kessler-Haak Wines, Krave Jerky, Loring Wines, LunaOlivo, MacMurray Estate Vineyards, MacPhail Family Wines, Meiomi, Monterey Chocolate Company, Morgan Winery, Navarro Vineyards, New Zealand Winegrowers, Pali Wine Company, Philo Ridge Vineyards, Prim Family Vineyard, Ram's Gate Winery, Robert John Russo Gallery, Siduri Wines, Sojourn Cellars, Sokol Blosser Winery, Spell Estate, Stoller Family Estate, The Calling, Thomas Fogarty Winery, Vinemark Cellars and Wrath.

In closing, I would like to share a quote from Appellation America on Pinot Noir, " You're beautiful...a goddess...but so exasperating! Loving you is like worshiping an unfaithful temptress! As often as you've disappointed us with your undependable ways, you always seem to draw us back. Your alluring beauty and elegance leave us helpless and forgiving of all your moodiness. So long disdainful of any place outside of your home on the golden slopes of Burgundy, we’ve learned to pacify your temperamental nature with brisk coastal breezes and hillside vistas of the New World. Perhaps now you will grace us with all the charm and beauty that has kept the Burgundians devoted to you for centuries."

I would definitely get tickets to this years 7th Annual Pinot Days of Southern California on Nov 21, 2015.  And to make this opportunity even sweeter the event producer, Steve Rigisich, is offering a 33 % discount for this event to my readers and friends. Just click on the Promo Code tab and type in RSLYSC15. You will be surprised at the fun you will have exploring this beautiful varietal known as Pinot Noir.  Here's to seeing you there.


Rusty Sly