Two Papas Wines

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Many times we discover wines from small wineries that far exceed our expectations, better known as diamonds in the rough. Two Papas Wines is such a winery here in our own backyard with owner and vintner Rick Pratt. Last month Rick and I were the only two people to meet at Wine 661 for The Grape of the Night wine tasting.  Grenache was the selected wine varietal for the evening.  Rick brought two of his Grenaches that use grapes from Santa Barbara County.  The two wines were profoundly different providing a yin and yang for this varietal.  The grapes from Saarloos & Sons Vineyard produced a dark, big, bold juicy Grenache verses the Thompson Vineyard grapes where elegance and beauty shined through. The brilliant red color and finesse of the Thompson wine exemplified royalty that was on par with fine Burgundies from France.

The care and quality that was put into the creation of these fine Grenache wines was fantastic.  It is no secret that Michael Soujourn of Kaena is most definitely the King of Grenache from the Los Olivos area, but with Two Papas Wines, we may have a King of Grenache here in Santa Clarita.

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Two Papas Wines also make a Grenache Blanc, which is one of the base grapes used in Chateauneuf de Pape Blancs.  Typical of this varietal, Two Papas Wines Grenache Blanc exhibited a delicious full-bodied characteristic on the palate. It displayed a lovely straw yellow color along with aromatics of beautiful pear and guava. On the palate, one is met with a well structured full body that is enhanced by flavors of honeydew melon and pear. This wine is perfect for drinking on a summer day or pairing with cheese and crackers as my wife and I did. It would also pair well with seafood, fish, pork or poultry dishes.

Two Papas Wines are producing great wines that need to be tried. The proliferation of fine wines being produced in Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley will soon place us on wine tour maps for Southern California.

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Rusty Sly