What Is Grape of the Night (GOTN)

Several years ago I was stationed in Florida for my work.  Having a lot of free time I started to visit various wine shops and wine bars trying to sample and learn about wines.  One of the things that I discovered with most wine drinkers is that most stay within their comfort zone when it comes to wine selection.  Usually, it is one varietal and many times the same vineyard.  To help myself learn more about wine and drive my interest, I started a group called, Grape of the Night.  The idea was simple, everyone or couple would bring a specific wine varietal or blend that was previously chosen for the evening.  Sometimes a specific country, region or appellation was selected. This allowed all of the attendees to sample a large number of specific wines helping to introduce people to wines as well as differences between them.  I call this The Ultimate Flight.  When I returned home to California I had to continue this adventure, not only for myself but for the joy of watching peoples' interest and awareness grow.